Sunday, March 1, 2015

FREE Giftcards with MPoints

Anyone looking to score some free Giftcards needs to check out MPoints.  It's a collection of apps and games that you earn points through for completeling activities (some of which you are probably already doing). Without spending more than 5-10 minutes a day I can easily earn over $5/week in Amazon cards.  The apps are available through android and IOS, and your points transfer between apps automatically. Here are a few of my favorite.

1.  MPlaces -This app gives you points for ever place you check into and for opening prize boxes on your map. You can check into places one right after another, so if you are in a shopping center just open the app and check into multiple places quickly.

2. Pedometer by Runtastic - This app gives you points just for opening it and tracking the steps your already taking throughout your day.

3. TMZ - Get your daily celebrity gossip fix with the app and ear quick points at the same time.

4.  MyPlate - This app is a great calorie counter and diet tracker.  The app is very useful and easy to use plus you earn points for being healthy.  It even reminds you to track your meals.

5.   Moviefone - Check local show times and watch trailers for upcoming movies and earn points while doing it.

6. Games - get mpoints just for playing games such as; Scramble with Friends, family Fued, office Zombie, and many more.