Friday, March 7, 2014

Make Money Online! My Favorites! All Verified

Real Survey Sites (only offer surveys)

-Opinion Outpost ( )  I have been using this site for about 3 years and they always have a lot of surveys available and send you at least 2 – 3 a day.  Most of the surveys are relatively short in comparison to other survey sites and not as repetitive.  The payout on each is usually around $2-$3 on surveys and they also do product trials that pay more.  I have gotten free products from them including makeup, baby bottles, tampons and more to try and give my opinion on.  The minimum payout is $10 with paypal and they pay instantly.  Also they give you bonus points for hitting goals, such as 10 surveys a month or being a member for a year. 

-Survey Spot ( )  This site is very similar to opinion outpost and I have been using it for a few years now.  I receive about 5 survey invitations a day and the payouts vary from  around $.50 - $3 depending on the survey.  I have cashed out through paypal many times on this site.  The minimum payout is $10 just like opinion outpost and they also pay instantly.  I have never heard anything bad about this site, and they also offer bonus points for taking 10 surveys a month, being a member for a specified period of time and more.  The only downfall of this site is that they do send a lot of the lower paying surveys and I pass on a lot of them because I do not feel the reward is worth the amount of time it takes to complete the survey. 

Survey and Offer Sites
-Swagbucks  ( )  I LOVE this site.  They have so many ways to earn.  You can take surveys on the site but you also get points to search the web, watch videos, take polls, complete offers, use printable coupons, do free trials, play games, and much more.  They give you a goal every day and you get a bonus for each day you hit your goal.  They have great rewards you can get.  I do the paypal option the minimum is $25 or 2500SB.  I usually make about $50 a month or more on this site with little effort.  There is also a mobile app to watch videos and you earn $.50 a day on that.  I usually start it when Im going to bed and just let it play with the volume off.  You can also redeem for thousands of other rewards like gift cards, toys, electronics and more.  It does take about 5 days to get your reward so this is not instant like some sites but it is well worth it. 

-Inbox Dollars ( ) I have been using this site for years and they make it really easy to earn through surveys, paid emails, offers, tasks, videos and much more.  The minimum payout is $30 and at this point they only send checks in the mail, but they do come fairly quickly.  I have cashed out many times, and right now they are giving you a $5 bonus to sign up. 

-Send Earnings (  This site is almost identical to inbox dollars and I have been using it for years as well.  You earn for surveys, offers, searches, videos, tasks and more.  They are doing a $5 sign up bonus as well right now and they cash out at $30.  Same as inbox dollars that the only drawback is them sending a check in the mail. 

-Cash Crate ( This site is another one that pays you to complete surveys, watch videos, do offers, cash back on shopping, listen to the radio and much more.  The site is easy to use and they do pay through paypal when you reach silver status which does not take very long. 

-Creations Rewards ( This is another offer and survey site that is similar to the previous three.  They have a lot of surveys available and the minimum payout is $5 through paypal or you can also choose from other gift cards available. 

Music Review

-Slice The Pie ( This site pays you to review music.  They pay based on review quality.  You listen to a minimum of 90 seconds of a track and submit a rating and review.  They never seem to run out of songs on here and they pay around $.15-$.20 a track.  You cash out via paypal once you reach $10 and they pay quickly usually about 24 hours.  Its quick and easy and it adds up really quick.  I easily make $200+ on this site alone each month. 

Iphone Apps
1.  Apptrailers - This is one of my favorite.  You get points that you can redeem with paypal for watching videos, uploading videos and sharing.  Its easy to use and you don't have to put in much effort or even pay attention.  You wont get rich but its an extra couple dollars a day for those of us trying to make ends meet.  Find me on the app Jessicaam.

2.  Photorewards - This is one I started using about 2 weeks ago.  It pays you points to download apps and submit a screenshot.  I have already made over $20 this way and use it maybe 10 min a day.  Usually I delete the apps right after I get my points to avoid wasting space on my phone.  Its easy to use and they pay instantly through paypal once you have over $.75.  A lot of the time 2-3 apps is enough to cash out.  Please use my referral code shareyear to get points to start out.

3.  Viggle - This app does not offer paypal but I am a hulu plus subscriber and that is one of their rewards.  All you do is check into TV shows a few times a day and every month you have enough for your hulu subscription without ever having to pay.  I like that it takes away one expense every month with about 5-10 of work a day.  Super easy to use and you get your hulu code instantly.  There are also many other offers and bonus videos you can watch and many other rewards like gift cards and products.

4. Jingit - This app pays you to watch commercials and pays around $.15 each.  You can also get points for checking in and scanning the participating products at your local grocery store.  Its so easy to use and you get a prepaid card that you load money to and use anywhere.  Great app highly recommended.  High paying for the amount of time spent on it.  The only drawback is that there are only a few commercials a day so earning is a little slow.

5.  Shopkick - This app is great and perfect for anyone who shops Target as much as I do.  You get "kicks" every time you walk into participating stores like Target, Macy's, Best Buy and much more.   Then as your doing your shopping you get even more for scanning items.  The points add up very quickly and I get around $5 in Target gift cards a week.  use this link to get 50 kicks to start you off

6.  Swagbucks TV mobile - For all of you on Swagbucks it is a must.  It pays you "swagbucks" to watch videos the same way swagbucksTV does on the computer.  The videos automatically play one after another so you earn up to $.50 without doing anything but starting the first video.  If you have not yet joined Swagbucks JOIN NOW!  Use my link

7.  Panel App - A great app that pays you points that you can redeem though paypal.  The best part is once its on your phone you don't have to do anything.  It records your GPS and gives you points.  You can also get points from answering questions about the places you visited.

8.  Receipt Hog - This app pays you to scan in your receipts from participating grocery and drug stores it pays you points for every receipt you snap a picture of.  It is easy to use and takes seconds when you come home from the store.  You will also get spins on a slot machine to win even more check it out.

9.  App Nana - This is similar to Photo Rewards.  It pays you to complete offers and download apps.  Plus you get 400 "Nana's" a day just for opening the app.  You can cash out your "Nana's" for paypal, amazon codes, and much more.  Get 2,500 Nana's to start by using the code:  j303043

10.  FeaturePoints and FlickPoints - These two apps work together.  Feature points is another app that pays you points to download and try apps.  You can also get points for referring friends and family members.  The partner app Flickpoints pays you to watch videos for apps.  Downloading is much faster but the videos help when your trying to cash out points and your a little short.  My referral code is 34DQFF

11 RealPoints  - Another great app that pays you to try apps.  Payouts are fast and the minimum to cash out is only $.25  Easy to use and set up very similar to appnana.  I highly recommend this app.   Use my username Jessicaam2006 as your referral please.


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