Thursday, August 14, 2014

Earn Cash and Rewards With Your Fitbit

I just recently got a fitbit zip and couldn't be happier. I ordered mine from and saved about $15. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Magenta  It's easy to use and the app makes tracking a breeze.  It tracks your steps, calories, distance, weight, calorie intake, and more. I have also found a few recourses to either earn money or rewards from my fitbit.  As a frugal family this makes a big difference in our day to day life.

1.  Achievement app. Download the app today.  Once you sign up for free link it to your fitbit and automatically earn rewards.  You get points for your daily steps, weighing in and more.  When you get 50,000 points you can cash out for a $50 Visa. I started a couple days ago and have a around 2,000 points already. I will keep you posted as I continue to use the app.

2.  EveryMove.  Similar to Achievement it gives you points through your fitbit automatically that you can redeem for charity donations, deals on clothes, shoes, supplements and more.  I have redeemed $2 in donations towards cancer research.  I love that this app allows you to give to a good cause in a unique way for something you are already doing.  

3.  Pact. Formerly GymPact. This app rewards you for hitting your goals, but be careful as you are also risking funds.  They charge you a wager between $5 -$50 for every workout that you miss.  If you are confident and can reach your goal they pay you.  The amount varies, because the funding is from others missed workouts but is usually between $.25 and $.50 per workout.  This app works well for me I have is set up directly through fitbit and if I hit 10,000 steps a day it counts for a workout, which is pretty easy for me.  They have also started doing pacts for food logging and for taking pictures of the fruits and vegetables you eat.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts. 

4.  Steps from Balance Rewards. This is a program throughout the Walgreens balance rewards. They give you 20 points per mile you log and it is directly linked to your fitbit and updates daily.  They also give you bonuses for logging your weight and other healthy choices.  I definitely recommend this even if you only go to Wags occasionally. It adds up quickly and you can redeem your points starting at 5,000 = $5. The more points you redeem you get a better value but I like having choices.  


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