Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A is for Apple Activity - At Home Preschool

For letter A week we decided to make a paper plate Apple. This helped teach him letter sounds as well as his cutting skills, colors, how to use the right amount of glue as well as creativity. I love things that track multiple principles. Plus it's easy to throw together and you probably already have the supplies for it. 

What you need:
Paper Plate 
Red Construction Paper 
Markers or Paint. 
Scissors (if you feel it is age appropriate)
Glue (we used a glue stick to keep the mess down a bit) 
Green Craft Stick (you could also use green paper for the stem) 

1. I let him rip and cut the red paper into enough pieces to cover the plate. We used about 2 sheets. 

2.  I let him color the plate red for a base for the apple. 

3.  Let them go to town gluing all the red paper to the plate. 

4.  Add your stem. (We used a green craft stick) but you could easily use green paper if you don't have one on hand. 

I love how simple this was since we don't have a terribly long attention span.  

Happy Learning! 

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