Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Letter A Chalkboard Activity - At home preschool

With our at home preschool program we are doing the letter of the week plan to teach recognition, letter sounds, handwriting and upper and lower matching. Today is our first day! And we couldn't be more exciting. We did a couple chalkboard activities that went very well. 

First I drew a letter A at the top for him to use for reference then made the dots for him to connect. We did this about 10 tes to really drill it in. 

Next we erased the letters with some tips and water. 
First I drew several sets of upper and lowercase A's on his chalkboard. 
Then I gave him a small cup of water and a few quips and had him wrote over the letters with the water "erasing" them. He was so proud of himself after every set he did. You could really do this activity with any letter or number 

The most important part when doing this activity with your preschooler is to make sure you stay as positive as possible even when they are not tracing things great. Positive reinforcement goes a long way and will help them so much more then telling them everything they did wrong.

We have a few more activities planned for today. I will keep you posted and hopefully give you some good ideas for teaching your preschooler. 

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